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School Starting Dates

Dear Parents,

Welcome Back to School

SHS wishes you a fruitful new academic year 2019/2020. Kindly be informed that the school starting dates will be as follows:

Wednesday 11/9 [Baby Class, KG1 & 1st Primary Full day]

Thursday 12/9 [KG2 & 2nd Primary Full day]

Sunday 22/9 [From 3rd Primary till 3rd Secondary Full day]

Important Notes

1. It is the parents' responsibility to bring their children ONLY on Wednesday 11/9.

2. Starting from Wednesday 11/9, the school bus will leave at 2:40 pm.

3. KGs, 1st, 2nd & 3rd Primary students leave from the front gate.

4. From 4th Primary till 3rd Secondary students leave from the back gate beside El Nozha International Hospital.

5. Starting from the first day of school, all students must wear the school uniform.

Best Regards,

School Administration

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