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Mission Statement | Sheraton Heliopolis Language Schools


SHS Mission Statement


Sheraton Heliopolis Language School, along with parents, fosters an enabling community that brings forth well-balanced leaders, guided by mentors who unleash students’ creativity, in an equipped safe environment.


SHS Vision Statement


Sheraton Heliopolis Language School's graduates will make valuable contributions to the society by being visionary leaders.


SHS Purpose


We, the staff of Sheraton Heliopolis, undertake the challenge to have productive, well balanced members, confident in culture identity and to prepare our students for the changeable world. This is achieved by our constant efforts to recognize and nurture all human intelligence so that students and staff of varied cultural and social background will achieve their full intellectual as well as their social potential. The school fosters an environmental where students, parents, staff, and the community are partners in the educational process and achievement of all students. The school has been working to develop its students’ learning, thinking, and life skills.


SHS Beliefs


1- Students learning needs are the primary focus of all decisions impacting the school educational program.

2- Each student is a valued individual with unique intellectual, physical, social, and emotional needs.

3- All students are capable of learning, and need to apply their learning skills in meaningful contexts.

4- A student's self-esteem is enhanced by positive relationships and mutual respect among students, staff members and administrative staff.

5- Embracing diversity makes students stronger and enriches life.

6- The pursuit of knowledge, understanding, and honesty is a fundamental human need.

7- No institution has a more profound life-long effect on the individual than family that shares the responsibility for advancing the school's mission.

8- Special case students (e.g. Special educational needs, limited English proficiency, talented, and gifted, etc.) require special courses, instructional materials and resources.

9- Clear goals and high expectations for students' achievements should guide the development of the curriculum and the design of instructional strategies and learning activities.

      10- Curriculum, instruction and assessment should be aligned to meet the needs of all students

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