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School History | Sheraton Heliopolis Language Schools

Sheraton Heliopolis Language School is one of the first schools established in Heliopolis District in October 1987.

Since it was established, it has adopted the policy that a child has the right to acquire various skills and enable him / her to cope with the changes in his / her society as well as of the global changes around him / her.

The school committed to prepare students to become productive Egyptian citizens in the 21st century.

The school was first established in October 1987 by the late Mr. Hassan El-Rashidy.

By that time, the four level building was already completed.

Yet, during the first year, the ground floor was occupied by KGs, first and second primary classes.

In 1988, more classes were opened for third and fourth primary: fifth primary classes were added in1989.

Now there are four stages in the national division, which are KinderGarten "KG", primary, preparatory and secondary stages.

Presently, the school comprises various educational divisions: National Division, American Division and French Division.

The American Division started in September 2004 with only high school stage.

By 2017, the school has been established for 30 years.

School Accomplishments:

  1. 1. One of the areas taken care of by the school is athletics.
  2. 2. Some students came of top ten students in the general certificates.
  3. 3. All of our students joined well esteemed universities.


Sheraton Heliopolis American School provides high caliber educational services for students living in Cairo and in the outskirts of Cairo as well for instance 10th Shorouk, Obour, Rehab, New Cairo, Heliopolis and Nasr City. It actually extends services to a large number of students allover these places.

Because of the school’s good reputation, its high educational criteria and its location the students are mainly of the higher socio-economic standard. Many students have brothers and sisters for years in this school. They all enjoy the high quality educational standard applied to this place. Parents also have respectable careers as they all are highly educated guardians. Practicing equally high standard fields of work, mainly university professors, businessmen and entertainers. Most parents are fluent in English. It is worth mentioning that parental choice within Sheraton American School is based on family history.

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